Sunday, May 23, 2010


608 Second Street
Harrisburg, PA

The ArtHouse Lounge Gallery Exhibit
Second Street
Harrisburg, PA

Both of these exhibits are currently running for a couple of months. My husband and I went to the opening of Gallery@Second. It was extremely crowded. The Burg Show included paintings by local artists of scenes, etc. of Harrisburg. My entry is of a hostess awaiting customers for the restaurant, SPICE, on Second Street. I took a picture of her while dining there early one summer evening. I liked the contrast between the dark interior and the bright sun-lit street.
The owner of ArtHouse Lounge, Jason Piper, wanted "summer-like" themed paintings for June and July. He claims that customers are often relieved when they see representational paintings like mine because they easily understand and relate to them. He likes a variety of styles and subject matter in his gallery.

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