Saturday, May 22, 2010


Orange is my least favorite color. But for some reason I purchased orange/rust and pink outdoor cushions for our porch. I decorate with paintings on the outdoor walls. I found this painting that my granddaughter did when she was 3 or 4 years old. We painted together then. I loved this painting, because she 1.] kept her colors clean-most children overlap too many colors and they become muddy 2.] such a great composition- can be viewed in any way--accidental of course 3.] what great movement and abandon--inherent in a young inhibition-free child. Her painting is sitting on a small easel right next to my pink and rust cushions outdoors--looks great.

She is nearly 20 years old now. Sadly she doesn't paint any more--full of inhibitions--a by-product of aging and an uninspired, underfunded art program in the Catholic school she attended. Other interests develop and take over-she plays women's lacrosse for the University of Florida now--pretty exciting, too.

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