Tuesday, September 10, 2013



I first came upon this monstrosity of a building while driving on Spangler Mill Road, seeking paint sites. I was winding down a curvy, narrow road, when, wham, up popped this huge structure on my left, sitting right on the road. I pulled into an empty lot across the street to carefully study it- not very pretty, but amazing sculptural shapes and volumes. This was not the picturesque landscape I was seeking, but I still wanted to paint it.
I came back to the site with two other artists, early, on a sunny morning. We all agreed it was an interesting subject, but, as artists do, we took different approaches. One artist painted a long view of the building, with emphasis on the trees and bushes around it. The other artist seemed interested in the shadows on the shapes, using pinks and purples. I was interested in how the small and medium shapes  appeared to grow out of the larger shapes, as well as the morning light and shadows, emphasizing the building's sculptural qualities. I also wished to convey my initial reaction of surprise at the sight of this massive structure, which was, so inartistically, plopped right on the edge of the road.

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