Friday, March 1, 2013


For the past four years my husband and I have been fortunate enough to spend winters in Fort Pierce, Florida. I have been equally lucky to have met some local plein air painters. Lori McNamara, a Fort Pierce resident has introduced me and others to many beautiful Florida locales. I have enjoyed painting at these places in the mild, sunny weather. However, the seven paintings I did this winter may be the last of my on-site Florida works. We will not be returning to Fort Pierce next year. Our son, Kenneth, who resided in Lake Worth, near here, died suddenly and unexpectedly December 9, 2012. He was only 42 years old The autopsy revealed that he died of arterial disease. We had already arranged to spend the winter in Florida and we needed to pick up his car and other things. So, we made the trip; but our time spent there was very difficult. We missed not having dinners Ken, going to Mass with him on Sundays, and my husband missed the time they shared playing golf. All around us were reminders. Though the weather had been so spectacular, we found that these reminders were too painful. So, for now, we will say good-bye to Florida, grateful for the chance to experience its wonderful weather and friendly residents.
Ken in nursery school
Ken, with family after Camp Hill's State Football Championship

Ken ,enjoying a party with fFlorida friends 

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