Friday, September 23, 2011




Our plein air paintout at the Felicita Resort in Harrisburg proved to be very challenging. Our first date was rained out. Our rainout date was forcasted to be rained out also. We sneaked in the paintout on a Monday with rain predicted for the rest of week.

The Italian Gardens is one of several different landscapes at Felicita. It is quite large consisting of 3 large tiers of fomal landscaping, reflecting pools with statues and fountains, pottery, arbors, walks, nooks and crannies. I chose these two figures, with the flowers and greenery and the large planter-like bowl. It was difficult and I did not finish it that morning. I was going to return with others in a couple of days, but an unfortunate event prevented me from doing so. I finished it in studio from the photos I took that day. I did a lot of work on it in studio, so I can not classify it as a plein air painting.

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