Saturday, July 9, 2011


oil on stretched canvas


The weather forecast called for warm temperatures in the 90's. Our group was heading out for the Dickinson College Farm in Boiling Springs. I was a little relunctant to go because, I imagined myself sitting in a sun drenched field with no shade, inhaling ripe farm aromas and swatting buzzing insects. Thes are not the pleasures of plein air painting, but I had not been out much this month, so I dressed in white, light-weight clothing, and armed myself with a really high number sun lotion, a can of deep woods"bug spray and bottled water.

When I arrived, I noticed that Claire had on heavy jeans. I learned that she was trying to protect herself from ticks and poison ivy. I was tempted to bolt. I am highly susceptible to poison ivy and the thought of a tick boring itself in my leg grossed me out.

I stayed and we drove our cars up a bumpy, narrow tractor path to get a better view of the beautiful mountains, tilled fields and trees.

We found a perfect spot in the shade overlooking the fields and mountains. The serene setting coupled with a gentle breeze that kept us comfortable for nearly 3 hours made this a very pleasant paintout. I was working on a small canvas, so by the time the sun found me, I was ready to leave. I packed up everything, climbed in my air-condtioned car and drove home.

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