Tuesday, October 5, 2010


acrylic on canvas
This plein air paint session started out about 9:00 with my selecting the No Parking side of Market Street in Camp Hill. What that meant was that there was parking on the other side of the street. I chose what I wanted to paint--one of the charming stores in Camp Hill; but the by the time I finished setting up my easel and squeezing out my colors, the cars and delivery trucks began to park their vehicles right in front of my subject matter. Reluctant to pack up and move, I fixed my eyes on some rooftops, where no cars would get in the way.
I consider myself a closet abstract painter. I love non-representational art of all ilks--abstract expressionism, geometric, color field. I admire artists who can create beautiful works without relying on representation. I've tried it, but I am still in love with the real things around me, so once in a while I attempt to simplify or abstract objects by emphasizing their geometric shape.
In this painting, I have focused on the almost flat geometric shapes of the cut-off buildings, their rooftops, umbrellas, signs and pole. Strong sunshine and shadows and minimal modeling of these shapes helped me to do this.. Also, the overlapping and arrangement of these shapes helped me to create an "almost" abstract painting.

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