Monday, July 19, 2010


The weather was a beautiful this morning in Liverpool, PA--not too warm, with a slight breeze blowing. I set up my easel on the side of the road and proceeded to paint the view in front of me. The morning sun was shining, creating nice shadows on the road. It took me a while to construct the scene on my canvas. I took pictures from the same spot, as I always do, for future reference. I seem not to finish a painting, before my legs and back start to bother me. I laid in some lights and darks and perspective lines, etc. In about 2 hours I packed up and left.
I was happy with my color palette and was anxious to work on the painting when I got home. I loaded the photos on to my computer and began to study them, looking for the best one with the details I needed to complete the painting. I was about to print a couple of them and decided to delete one I did not need at all. Then disaster!
Somehow I deleted the whole folder. All my reference photos--Gone. Nowhere. Not in the trash bin or any other folder, AND I also had deleted them from my camera.
I looked at my poor unfinished painting and tried to recall more details, but to no avail. Liverpool is almost an hour away--don't have the time to go back--I'm really disgusted with myself. I put the pathetic little painting aside, but if I'm still mourning over it's sad state, I may make the trip back up next week--or not.

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