Sunday, June 6, 2010


A peaceful scene
My daughter called one evening to tell me that my grandson, Ryan, had just brought home a painting he did in art class. I didn't even know he took art as an elective. I had painted with him when he was pre-schooler, just as I did with Caroline, his sister. I well remember taking them to the town pool one summer day. I brought colored pencils to occupy them during adult swim. Children were not allowed in the pool at that time. Ryan started to draw the concession stand and included some of the details, like the clock. As soon as the whistle blew, though, he was off to play in the pool. Ever since, I assumed that he had stopped doing art when he got heavily into sports as had his sister.
Ryan is a terrific football and lacrosse player. He is as fast as the wind and it's a joy to see him perform on the field. But what a special joy it was for me to see the result of his "performance" in art class.

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